PlayStation State of Play Coming March, Bigger Showcase Before June

Known insider and journalist Jeff Grubb has corroborated reports of a PlayStation State of Play March 2023 event, and has further claimed that Sony has plans for a bigger showcase around the time of E3 2023.

Grubb told fans to lower their expectations for the March event. During the latest episode of his Game Mess Decides podcast, he claimed that the upcoming showcase will be “low key.” There is a slight possibility that the State of Play may happen before March but he seemed certain of an early March event.

This lines up with previous rumors of a PlayStation State of Play around the time of PSVR 2‘s launch, and has most recently been hinted at by PSVR Without Parole – a YouTuber with an excellent track record of PSVR leaks.

Going back to Grubb, the insider also claimed that Sony has a bigger event scheduled to take place before June. We’re assuming this is Sony’s alternative to E3 2023, where it will showcase some of its bigger releases including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is scheduled to release this Fall.

Spider-Man 1 PS4 launch happened in September so if Spider-Man 2 PS5 follows the same trajectory, a June showcase focused on the game makes sense.

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CalicoReidso this better be a bigger showcase before June

Looks like it shalln't be that way!


Probably a lot of focus on the PSVR2.


this better be a bigger showcase before June


Twisted metal reveal soon!!


Man I just can't wait for Spider-Man 2 gunna be all sick !

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