Dr Disrespect Offers Big Update on Deadrop Development

Dr Disrespect has offered some pretty substantial information on the development of his new FPS game, Deadrop. If you haven't been keeping up with it, at the end of 2021, Dr Disrespect formed his own studio called Midnight Society with a bunch of veterans from the games industry. Ex-Call of Duty and Halo developers are helping create a new FPS game that is seemingly being designed in mind with fans. The studio has been approaching game development in a fairly radical way over the last year by allowing fans to play all of the new builds of the game as they are finished. This allows the team to receive feedback on a foundational level and make actual changes.

A lot of shooters host alpha and beta tests a few weeks or months before the game releases, but it is often too late to actually make any meaningful changes to the gameplay. These "snapshots", as Midnight Society has called them, have been released about every month, but to allow for greater expansion the team will be releasing these snapshots every three months. In a new video, Dr Disrespect noted they're building upon the foundation they laid for Deadrop in year one and will be adding an armor system with customizable visors and a new "sector" to what they call "The Tower". This new sector is called Cold Storage and will see the arrival of consumable healing items, throwables like smoke grenades, six fully completed weapons with 13 attachments, and more when it drops on March 17th.

Ultimately, it looks like Deadrop is shaping up to be something pretty interesting. There were a lot of skeptics in year one given all of the very untraditional methods being employed on this game. Only time will tell if it pans out, but hopefully, the user feedback they're receiving will help shape it into something worthwhile. Dr Disrespect used to work at Sledgehammer Games as a community manager and eventually, a level designer for multiplayer, so he's not exactly out of his depth here and he's supported by industry vets.

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Runts I don't think is even going to turn out to well.

There's a big change that it won't, but the philosophy is a noble and admirable one


A really good idea, I hope it comes along well! CoD needs a true rival, hopefully this can be it!


kudos on the game development updates

I wish him, and his team do very well with this game


I don't think is even going to turn out to well.

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