Pikmin 4’s new trailer confirms a July release date

Pikmin 4 will release on July 21, Nintendo has announced.

The release date was shared during a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, which opened with a new trailer featuring a close-up camera view and a new dog-like companion.

Nintendo’s game design chief Shigeru Miyamoto first announced Pikmin 4 during a Nintendo Direct presentation in September and showed the first footage of the long-coming sequel.

In a suggestion that the game could see a significant change in its formula, Miyamoto said the game will let users play from Pikmins’ perspective nearer to the ground.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/pikmin-4s-new-trailer-confirms-a-july-release-date/


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Runts Definitely a Nintendo game lol.

Yep, it's really a childs game... Not often we get articles here on kid games.


The background really reminds me of Unraveled. I doubt the story is anything on it though!


it will certainly do well on the Switch


Definitely a Nintendo game lol.

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