Dwarf Fortress Has Sold Over 600,000 Copies in its First Two Months

Publisher Kitfox Games has revealed that, since its commercial release in December, Dwarf Fortress has sold over 600,000 copies in its first two months. According to the publisher, the majority of the sales are from Steam, while almost exactly 5,000 are from indie platform Itch.io.

Developer Bay 12 also posted a monthly report last week, revealing that the duo behind the original Dwarf Fortress—Tarn and Zach—got paid $7 million from sales of the game. The post on Medium ends by promising that the developers are still working on bringing the much-awaited Adventure Mode to the Steam and Itch.io release of Dwarf Fortress.

Bay 12 had previously revealed that the game had been quite successful right from its launch, stating that nearly 500,000 copies were sold in just its release month of December alone.

The commercial release of Dwarf Fortress brings with it a fresh UX and new graphics to the classic ASCII-based colony sim. It also hopes to bring in new players with its in-depth tutorial, and a mouse-based interface.

Dwarf Fortress is available on PC.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/dwarf-fortress-has-sold-over-600000-copies-in-its-first-two-months


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Great new for such a small publisher Made the duo who developed it a shared $7 million in profits, wow!


seeing games like this doing so well on sales, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :P


That is insane for this type of game man smh congrats to them lol.

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