Star Citizen Details 2023 Arena Commander Roadmap

The latest episode of Inside Star Citizen is fully dedicated to arena commander and the huge changes coming in the competitive player-versus-player mode. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) plans to add a new map for the mode this year, as well as bring in over 10 new racing tracks based on the locations from the Persistent Universe.

It's been a long time since the last big update for Arena Commander. According to the developers, the team has been relying on the old code and technology for the dogfighting mode, but the time has come for quality-of-life improvements.

The team plans to change the user interface for the arena commander menu and make it much easier for fans to find their desired game mode. The team is making star marine a component of arena commander as well, though it will still remain a first-person-shooter experience. With the new UI, you will have an easy job selecting your ship, choosing the loadout, and connecting a match in any of the game modes.

CIG will bring meaningful upgrades to the Dying Star map. The team has already received enough feedback on the excessive brightness of the map and its foggy environment, which makes it tough to see what's happening. Although the visuals are incredible, the team will make some changes to improve the visual clarity of the map.

Later this year, the new map Jericho Station will be added to arena commander. Naturally, this will be modelled on the Persistent Universe Jericho Station.

Aside from the player-versus-player aspect, arena commander is supposed to become a practice environment for racing enthusiasts. CIG is looking to add up to twelve racing tracks from different parts of the PU, allowing players to improve their skills in the mode without worrying about permanent death.

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I seriously am crap at flying games like this

but it does look like a really cool game to play


Runts Looks alright but I just really hate flying games with a passion lol

Well it's a hybrid game to be fair... the flying looks pretty unique too!


Looks alright but I just really hate flying games with a passion lol

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