Hi-Fi RUSH Began Development In 2017 According To Director

Director of the recently released Hi-Fi RUSH, John Johanas, has dismissed claims that development began after Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda. Johanes confirmed during the Xbox podcast that development of Hi-Fi RUSH actually began all the way back in 2017.

The surprise release of Hi-Fi RUSH came during the recent Xbox Developer_Direct showcase, where Tango Gameworks shadow-dropped its newest title on Xbox Series X|S and PC. While fans had been eager to hear from Xbox, especially about big titles like Redfall, nobody was expecting a game launch.

Traditionally, Tango Gameworks heads survival horror games, but the recent release is quite the opposite as a rock-and-roll rhythmic action game. Players can explore the colorful universe of Hi-Fi RUSH whilst crushing robots and baddies and keeping up-paced hits as ethe world pulses to the beat of the music. The sudden change in style prompted fans to believe that Microsoft's acquisition as having a hand in this, claims that game director John Johanas has now strongly dismissed.

During the Xbox podcast, director John Johanas was categorical that he made the pitch to Bethesda all the way back in 2017, during the time of the original Evil Within game. He also emphasized how Bethesda had longed to publish something different.

“Probably you know our studio for making horror games with The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, but this is something that we've wanted to make that'll really completely change the image of our studio and also pushed us as developers to what we can do, or what's possible, even, in the game universe, because we wanted to kind of do something new, and that's kind of where the original idea- that's essentially how I pitched it," Johanas said.

Hi-Fi RUSH draws from the classic technical actions and rhythm aspects dominating the gaming industry, but the developer also points out how it draws from non-gaming inspiration, such as the films of Edgar Wright. Apparently, Johanas borrowed the rhythmic combat concept and also created a Hi-Fi RUSH wannabe rockstar, Chai, who shares some resemblance to Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim.

“I knew I wanted this main character that was, like, not a superhero. The big reference point we used was Scott Pilgrim, especially the Edgar Wright Scott Pilgrim because I'm talking about Edgar Wright as an influence. But it's this kind of like anti-hero, in a sense – not that they're evil, but they're just almost dumb."

Tracks in Hi-Fi RUSH also make the game outstanding, with the likes of Black Keys, The Joy Formidable, Nine Inch Nails, and others. Admittedly, this is a dream come true for the director, having entered the Steam top 10 just hours after its release.

Fans can check out Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and PC right now.

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CalicoReidso looks pretty coo to play

unbelieveable it took that long to develop

It looks like too simple a game to have been in development that long!


looks pretty coo to play

unbelieveable it took that long to develop


Runts Looks alright. I like how colorful the animation is don't think I would play it though.

Indeed, it's clearly meant to mimic comic books in the cut scenes...


Looks alright. I like how colorful the animation is don't think I would play it though.


Wow it entered Steam's top ten? That's quite a (surprising) achievement given the games released lately!

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