Death Stranding 2 Release Window Leaked

We now have a release window for Death Stranding 2 -- officially and tentatively called DS2 -- courtesy of a new leak, which comes straight from an employee working on the PS5 game. Unfortunately, this leak has confirmed the game will not release in 2023. It's hard to imagine many were imagining the new Kojima game was coming in 2023, but if you were one of these hopeful few, well, it's not, not according to this leak anyway.

The leak comes the way of Frank Aliberti, a senior artist at PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. According to the ArtStation profile of Aliberti, the game is coming out sometime in 2024. The employee's ArtStation page has since been modified to remove this information, but not before the Internet got its receipt.

Now, it's possible this is an inconsequential mistake rather than a consequential mistake, meaning it's possible Aliberti simply thought the game was confirmed for 2024 and adjusted their profile accordingly. It's unclear why an artist outside the walls of Kojima Productions would know when the game releases. An artist at Kojima Productions knowing the internal window makes sense, but someone from PlayStation Studios Visual Arts not as much. It's not impossible, it's just not clear why they would be privy to this secretive and valuable information as not a core member of the studio. The fewer people who know about the targeted release window, the better. Why? Well, to avoid leaks just like this.

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties -- Aliberti, PlayStation, Kojima, or Kojima Productions -- have commented on any of this. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, treat this like you would any leak, which is to say, take it with a grain of salt.

Death Stranding 2 was just revealed earlier this month at The Game Awards. Currently, in development for the PS5, it does not have a release date or a release window, the latter of which seemingly confirms it will, at the very least, will not release in 2023.

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"the game is coming out sometime in 2024"

I will be waiting patiently :D


Nicee. This sequel is going to be awesome.


Can't believe one of the employees leaked it lmao but that sucks the game isn't coming out next year prob to help fans expectations

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