Risk of Rain – Gearbox Will Develop and Publish Potential Future Title

Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing recently announced Risk of Rain Returns, a remake of the original game. It includes two brand-new survivors, items, artifacts, and enemies, overhauled multiplayer and improved visuals. However, one detail that flew under the radar before the announcement is that Gearbox Entertainment owns the Risk of Rain IP, having purchased it from Hopoo.

In a recent Steam post, the developer explained that “Gearbox has been the trusted publisher of Risk of Rain 2 for many years now, they have a love for Risk of Rain that matches our own and is the best fit for taking the franchise into the future.” While Hopoo is working on Risk of Rain Returns, Gearbox will “both develop and publish potential future titles in the series.”

There may be some concern among hardcore fans about whether the latter can do justice to the franchise. However, Hopoo revealed that Gearbox co-developed the Survivors of the Void expansion. It created the Aphelian Sanctuary and Siphoned Forest, along with the Void Jailers, all received very well.

In conclusion, the developer said, “We are ready to move on to new challenges and welcome the exciting and fresh ideas Gearbox will bring to Risk of Rain. Completing the console versions of Survivors of the Void remains a top priority for Gearbox, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for Risk of Rain with them at the helm! We know the IP is in excellent hands.”

As for Risk of Rain Returns, it releases in 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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it certakinly won't be a game I would play anyways


The new artifacts, and enemies, overhauled multiplayer and improved visuals will make it so much better


Not that I'll get it anyways but idk how I feel about it.

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