Luna Abyss Gameplay Trailer Showcases Bullet-Hell FPS In Action

Bonsai Collective has unleashed a fresh look at its upcoming bullet-hell first-person shooter Luna Abyss.

Have a butcher’s at the Lunar Abyss gameplay trailer below.

The 100-second spot lays the game’s otherworldy environments wide open, giving gamers the best view yet of the carefully crafted cosmos – otherwise known as the mimic moon ‘Luna’ – developer Bonsai Collective has put together for bullet-hell fans of all abilities.

Announced earlier this year, Luna Abyss is due for release on PlayStation, PC and Xbox formats, the game sees players controlling a prisoner that carrying out a sentence exploring a derelict megastructure located beneath the surface of the mimi moon, Luna. Your task? Salvage forgotten technology from the Abyss and a lost colony.

You won’t be alone as such, as your entire progress is captured by your artificial prison guard, Alyin. However, danger lurks beneath the mimic moon as you’ll come up against corrupted souls and cosmic horrors, which is just the excuse you need to unleash havoc with an assortment of weapons wrapped in a glamorous package of bullet-hell combat.

Luna Abyss has yet to attract a release date.

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bit like dead space meets doom tbh


I don't think this game looks very good.

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