GTA Online Leak Reveals Long-Awaited Feature Is Coming Soon

A new GTA Online leak has revealed that a long-awaited feature is coming to the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5. The feature in question is a fairly basic feature that's been a staple of open-world games for many years, yet is not in GTA Online, at least not to its fullest extent. The leak comes the way of a GTA dataminer who goes by the name Gaming Detective over on Twitter. While digging through the files of a recent update to the game, said dataminer found some interesting things.

For starters, it looks like a fast travel feature is finally being added to the game, which likely means GTA 6 will have a proper fast travel feature as well. That said, based on previous leaks, this may feature may be locked behind GTA+. In addition to this, the dataminer also found evidence that a new property is being introduced alongside a new character named Dax, and that Wade from the game's single-player campaign also may be the star of the next big update.

"A new fast travel feature, new dead drop collectibles, and a new property that introduces a character called Dax. It's also possible that Wade from single-player will be returning too," says the dataminer.

At the moment of publishing, this is just a leak. It's a leak based on files in the game, but it's still a leak and thus it's unofficial and should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, Rockstar Games could squash the speculation by commenting on this leak or with an official reveal, but the latter is unlikely as this content is likely still in development and a bit away from a reveal while the former is very unlikely as Rockstar Games never comments on leaks unless they are massive and have substantial consequences. That said, we will be sure to update the story if a comment is provided.

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Bout time. Glad to see this become a feature


Looking forward to GTA releasing the fast travel feature


It['s about time they are releasing the fast travel feature


Man f all that I can't believe all these years and stuff we STILL never got mansions added in to purchase to own smh.


Really Excited For What There To Bring!

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