AEW: Fight Forever Highlights Jon Moxley Gameplay

The latest trailer for AEW: Fight Forever puts the spotlight on former World Champion Jon Moxley, comparing his in-game abilities to footage taken from AEW television. While AEW: Fight Forever is being framed as a return to classic arcade-style pro wrestling games, the main priority is creating an authentic AEW experience. It needs to feature AEW stars like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Britt Baker, and Jade Cargill. Moxley is a good way to showcase how individual wrestlers are presented in AEW: Fight Forever.

What makes Jon Moxley such a perfect example to showcase in a new game trailer is how recognizable he and everything he does in AEW can be. To start, he has a unique entrance, as he walks to the ring through the crowd. He has several moves that he uses in his matches, from his finisher the Paradigm Shift to the Gotch Piledriver and Arm-Trap Elbow Strikes. Moxley is also known for doing a range of match types, including brutal Lights Out matches. These are all things that translate well into video games.

The new AEW: Fight Forever trailer showcases all that pro wrestling fans would expect in such a short video. It starts with Jon Moxley's entrance, cutting between live footage from AEW Dynamite and in-game footage. Moxley notably still has the World Championship during the trailer. He then does the Paradigm Shift, first on Darby Allin in-game and then with comparison footage to the move being done on Sammy Guevara.

Several more of Moxley's moves are then shown, intermixed with live match footage. Opponents shown in these quick gameplay clips include Adam Cole, Orange Cassidy, and even a match where Moxley hits Jungle Boy with a barbed-wire bat. For a trailer that's only 30 seconds long, it goes a good job of showing what Moxley will look like in AEW: Fight Forever.

While AEW fans will be pleased with what was shown in the video, it's by no means a perfect showcase of the game. The visuals may not live up to the expectations of fans of the WWE games, for example, though AEW has always framed AEW: Fight Forever as prioritizing a more fun-focused arcade experience than something visually-driven. Moxley's face, in particular, seems odd. And while individual moves look sharp, general movement and chaining abilities can look off.

What AEW fans are really looking for is a full match from AEW: Fight Forever being shown from start to finish, though that may just not be ready yet. THQ Nordic and Yuke's confirmed recently that AEW: Fight Forever had been delayed. The pro wrestling game is now planned for release in 2023, with no specific launch date confirmed. This Moxley trailer will have to do in the meantime.

AEW: Fight Forever releases in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Not my type of game, but enjoy playing to those who do


never been super into these games, but it's always fun to go on a game like this and kick someone's ass lmao


This game is going to be sweet and can't wait it looks fun.

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