Xbox Will Not Stop Selling Games for the Sake of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke about Xbox Game Pass, and how consumer habits arround the subscription service won’t affect the way Xbox sells game to a radical extent. Speaking with The Verge earlier this month, Spencer stated that Xbox will not stop selling games it provides through Game Pass.

In his statement, Spencer elaborates, saying that the subscription service is an “interesting” business model for some games, and it helps diversify players’ game choices. Players buying and owning games is still a core part of the company’s business.

“We don’t have this vision of everybody paying us $15 a month,” Spencer said. “We think the subscription is an interesting business model for certain kinds of games and for certain customers. I really see it as diversifying how people build their library of games or how creators reach the customers they want to reach with the content that they build. It will always be part of the business, in my view. I think people buying and owning their games will be an important part of the business for years and years to come.”

Spencer then state that giving players the choice to decide how they play and what they play is important for Xbox.

“It’s why you don’t see us doing exclusive games in the subscription or trying to drive people away from purchasing games,” he says. “We love it when people purchase their games. It’s fantastic. We also like it when people subscribe. The thing that we’re really looking at is if we can just get more people to play more games and make it easy for every player who wants to play.”

Recently, Sony in a statement against Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard revealed that its new tiered PlayStation Plus subscriptions—PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Deluxe—lag behind Xbox Game Pass.

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A do really like game pass, but it is a way to get us paying for games in two different ways.
I'm sure it works out more expensive for the consumer in the long run!


If it works out cheaper via gamepass, then they sure don't need to


i just wish they could get the rights to put all games on the game pass instead of forcing people to spend a stupid amount on each individual game and paying for the game pass monthly lol

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