Valheim like city building game enters Steam Early Access

Fancy a new city building game that winds back the clock on Steam and looks like a Valheim management game? Well the announced early access period for Land of the Vikings may just be for you. Taking control of a Viking chieftain, better known as a Jarl, you’ll help your settlement grow by managing your people and getting some help from the Norse gods too.

Land of the Vikings is in Steam Early Access right now, which should allow the team to be actionable on feedback and mechanical implementation before the full release.

The standard fare of chopping trees, growing crops, hunting animals, mining and fishing will all be there. There are 30 different buildings, four seasons of changing weather, five potential natural disasters like earthquakes and blizzards, 26 different resources, and over 20 different jobs for your Viking villagers too.

Each of your villagers will have some combination of 22 in-game characteristics, with developer Laps Games saying they can be “powerfully-built strongmen and women, or silver-tongued thespians”. You’ll need to consider their skills when assigning your Vikings to tasks, as some will be better than others, or worse. These Vikings will then have families, which will see your lineages and opportunities grow alongside your settlement.

You can check out the Land of the Vikings Early Access trailer below.

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I could never get into games like this one, I find them boring so fast, but hey, that's just me


This game seems big at first but kinda died out a lil fast.

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