Phil Spencer Confirms No Xbox Price Increase

Microsoft recently had a showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2022, during which Head of Xbox Phil Spence attended the show to announce some new games coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass. But after the showcase, Spencer had an interview with CNBC, during which he revealed more details about the future plans of Microsoft for its gaming branch.

When Spencer was asked whether Xbox would follow Sony in increasing the hardware price in certain markets, he replied that he can't say there wouldn't be any price increase for Xbox forever, but he did mention that it is not the right time to increase Xbox hardware price as people already face some serious financial difficulties. "I can definitely say we have no plans today to raise price of our consoles," Spencer said. "We think in a time when our customers are more economically challenged and uncertain than ever, we don’t think it’s the right move for us at this point to be raising prices on our console."

Phil Spencer also mentioned the critical position of Xbox Series S in the market as the cheapest entry point to next-gen gaming, and the fact that Microsoft will try to strengthen the position of this console in such a competitive market.

Head of Xbox also answered a couple of other questions during his interview, completely rejecting any plans to acquire Discord as he said that Microsoft is happy with their current partnership with Discord.

Also, Spencer did mention that he has been in multiple meetings in Tokyo to see what Japanese developers are working on and make sure that Xbox could be a great host for those experiences. Xbox's head once again talked about his desire to grow the presence of Xbox in Eastern Asian markets and the increasing the consoles catalog of JRPG games in the future.

Xbox revealed a number of popular Japanese games coming to Game Pass, including Guilty Gear Strive, Danganronpa V3, the Ni No Kuni series, and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. In addition to the aforementioned titles, Person 5 Royal will also be available on Game Pass later in October 2022.

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Glad to know, already at the most amount it should be


Good that there will be no price increase.


juno This will give them an advantage for the market.

Definitely, not that xbox need it over Sony.


Good Cuz I'm about to Get an Xbox again


This will give them an advantage for the market.

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