Nintendo: The Best Company In The World?


According to a leading business publication, Nintendo is the best company in the world.

BusinessWeek contracted consulting firm A.T. Kearney to survey over 2,500 firms with sales greater than $10 billion to determine each company's median value growth rate and sales growth. After crunching the numbers, Nintendo is victorious. Google and Apple took the silver and bronze metal, and, in a surprising development, Doosan Heavy Industries came in 4th!

Here's the top 5:

1. Nintendo (Electronics)
2. Google (Internet Services)
3. Apple (Electronics)
4. Doosan Heavy Industries (Construction Products and Services)
5. Hyundai Heavy Industries (Shipbuilding)

"What about Sony, Microsoft and KOEI?" you may be asking. Sorry, man: Those firms didn't make the top 40.

[Via g4tv]



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man that stinks i wish 360 was the best


Xbox 360...Best console in the world. Should be the title. The Wii sucks!


I never thought it would be true. I would think google or apple would be at the top. But you can never under estimate a company. Haha


Nintendo have done a full U-turn i think the reason is look at what Nintendo have done in the gaming industry they said well we cant keep up with Sony and Microsoft if we go head to head with them we will end up like Sega with the dreamcast and just to note i had a dreamcast and it rocked Nintendo have always been ace with handheld gaming devices and with the games they offer they kept going with that and designed the Wii the 1st of its type in the industry they did not ride the wave like Sony and Microsoft they had a good think and reinvented themselves its only now microsoft and sony are now catching up so Nintendo are ahead of the game also Apple is another they saw that people like MP3 players and made the Ipod / Itunes and look at apple now its out of the box thinking Infinity Ward also did the same Activision Never Wanted Call of Duty To Go Modern but Infinity Ward pushed and made the biggest title of all time with people like that who lead the gaming industry also Halo made the xbox if Halo 1 did not come out i dont think there would be an xbox now these are the sort of people that carry the industry


I work for Hyundai but not shipbuilding. And we sell cars like crazy and have tons of work in service. Hyundai's been around forever


Ya, they started with a something little, Gave it all they got and got the Wii, So many people have gotten the wii for a "work out" Thats the wii alone think about all the other systems, Including the Ds, Dsi, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, theres many many more!


Duh Nintendo is the top one, the gave us the gameboy and pokemon what could be better than tat, and yes apple made the top 5, all due to the awesome iMac, iPhone and iPod Touch


That is CraZy dude.

I would NEVER expect that


Wow, who would have thought? I mean, except for all the people working at Nintendo, of course.