It Takes Two Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

A reliable leaker and industry insider has heavily hinted toward the smash-hit indie title, It Takes Two, coming to Nintendo Switch.

There have been a lot of rumors circulating around regarding the possibility of a Nintendo Direct happening this month, Jeff Grubb even narrowed the date down to next week on his podcast. Nintendo directs are often known for exclusives and long-awaited ports of existing games. Another reliable insider, the Snitch may have also left a big hint revealing one of these presumed upcoming ports, which is rumored to be It Takes Two.

The Snitch is known to have a solid track record for credible leaks, which he often shares as emojis that contain a secret message. According to a recent message shared on his private discord, a port of It Takes Two on the Switch could be happening. Each of the emojis is considered to be a hint at an iconic stage in the game, and some of the other emojis can easily be interpreted as representations of the major characters in the story. It was first assumed to be a winter release date hint, but the existence of the other stage emojis proves that wrong.

It is still unknown why the insider decided to single this game out with his leak, and there are two main theories that could stem from that. Either this could be the biggest reveal of the next Nintendo Direct, or it could be released on the same day as the Nintendo Direct showcase. Hazelight Studio Boss, Josef Fares, has also expressed his love for Nintendo in the past as his inspiration for It Takes Two, so it’s highly likely the studio would be interested in a Switch port.

The problem with not having It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch already was, in short, due to technical limitations. Josef Fares stated before that getting the game to work on last-gen consoles was a very big challenge, and that there was “so much sh*t going on behind the scenes to make this possible”. He said that they are also a very small team and they needed a lot of effort and time to make that happen In other words, It Takes Two was very unlikely to be coming to Nintendo Switch, that is until a thread of hope has resurfaced again fueling the anticipation for a port.

It Takes Two is an action-adventure game with co-op elements and inspirations from many other platform games. It was specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer, meaning it would be right at home for a console such as the Nintendo Switch. The game also supports couch co-op play with a local split screen option, so the innate ability of the joy-cons to make this possible without much effort from the players is also an appealing offer to look forward to. The game is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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This is certainly a MUST for the Switch


Very fun game to play with a friend, story is eh personally, however if you like puzzles this is for you.


Good to see another game could be going to Switch.


nicee they been comin up on the games fr

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