Apple releases update to iOS 12 to address security concerns

Apple has released an update today for iOS 12 bringing the version number up to 12.5.6, which addresses a major vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild. This vulnerability is already fixed in the latest version of iOS (version 15.6.1) as well as being fixed in iPadOS 15.6.1 and macOS Monterey 12.5.1.

This update fixes the same security flaws but in an earlier version of iOS, with one of the bugs being a kernel-level vulnerability allowing apps to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. The other is a bug within WebKit that allows for arbitrary code execution via “maliciously crafted web content”.

iOS 12 was originally launched in 2018 alongside the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, and this will give devices that cannot be updated past iOS 12 another update to apply, these include the following:

iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPod touch 6
iPad Air (1st generation)
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3

You can get the update through the usual means by going to the Settings app, and selecting General and then selecting the Software Update option. This will then download the update in the background and prompt you to install it once ready.

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Neeed to pump out updates from time to time for security anyways


lmao no more rooting is what this article says
iPhone is L


apple for the win Ill never go back lol

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