Datamined Cutscene Confirms Long Speculated Destiny 2 Lore Theory

The last few weeks have seen plenty of Destiny 2 leaks drop online, with most relating to the reveal of Lightfall and the game's current season, Season of Plunder. However, the start of Season of Plunder brought with it plenty of new files for dataminers to dig into and try to uncover new information about where the game's story is heading. One of these possible files has since made its way online in the form of a cutscene which has given confirmation to a long-held lore theory about The Witness and one of its possible Disciples.

The cutscene in question was uploaded to YouTube by The Phoenix and is in the same ink-animated art style Bungie has used in place of in-game or pre-rendered cutscenes since the first raid team completed the Last Wish raid in 2018. As with previous seasons' cutscenes, it goes into detail about a key character from the ongoing season and its importance to the ongoing narrative. One piece of information in the cutscene may go over some players' heads on first viewing, but as mentioned, it confirms a particular character from Destiny 2's deep lore served as a Disciple to The Witness, and players have already set foot on their Pyramid ship.


In the cutscene, Eramis is recounting the story of Mithrax to his daughter Eido and the Eliksni's early days in the Sol System. She explains the crew raising Mithrax stumbled upon the Lunar Pyramid and began looting it for powerful artifacts when they stumbled across the body of Nezarec, Disciple of the Witness. The Eliksni subsequently defiled Nezarec's corpse because of the apparent latent power in its body, with a finger going to a mature Mithrax.

Nezarec is a character Bungie has dropped small hints about since Destiny 2's launch in 2017, primarily through legendary and exotic gear in the guardians' arsenals. It was first mentioned on the Warlock exotic helmet, Nezarec's Sin, where it is implied to be a powerful character of some importance, though little was mentioned after that for some time. However, Bungie brought the character back in Season of the Haunted with the Nezarec's Whisper glaive, which teased the character's status as a Disciple in its adjoining lore.

It would not be surprising to see lore-centric Destiny 2 players argue this confirmation is one of the biggest lore bombs Bungie has dropped in the game this year, alone. As mentioned, there has been plenty of speculation about who Nezarec is and their importance to the world by lore-focused content creators such as Myelin Games and MyNameIsByf. It could also indicate bigger things are on the horizon in the Destiny universe than what has been shown thus far, which given what has already been teased for Lightfall would be impressive.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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