The Last of Us Part 1 Launch Trailer Released

The Last of Us Part I is finally set to release for the PlayStation 5 on September 2nd, and ahead of that, a new launch trailer showing a mix of cinematic and gameplay footage has been released. Most notably, The Last of Us Part I has significantly enhanced visuals from both the original The Last of Us release as well as The Last of Us Remastered.

In addition to improved graphics, the PS5 version of The Last of Us also has upgraded loading times, haptic feedback through the DualSense controller as well as adaptive triggers, and it supports 3D audio. You can check out the new trailer for The Last of Us Part I embedded below:

In addition to simply looking and playing better than it ever has before, The Last of Us Part I also includes some truly new additions to the title. There is an advanced photo mode as well as a new "permadeath" mode, Audio Description mode, and speedrun-focused mode. There are also new unlockable costumes for the playable characters Joel and Ellie and over 60 accessibility options, which is more than even The Last of Us Part II included.

It is also worth noting that The Last of Us Part I does include the entirety of Left Behind, the prequel DLC chapter, but it does not include the Factions multiplayer that was present in the original video game. That said, developer Naughty Dog is working on a standalone multiplayer game set in the world of The Last of Us.

As noted above, The Last of Us Part I is set to release for the PlayStation 5 on September 2nd. The video game is also in development for the PC. It is a completely redone version of the iconic PlayStation 3 title for the modern console using developer Naughty Dog's most recent PS5 engine technology.

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This is going to be an amazing rebuild of the game


hell yeah this is awesomee

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