Genshin Impact Leaks Hint at a New Game Mode

Recent Genshin Impact leaks indicate that miHoYo's hit game could be getting a brand new game mode soon. This game mode will supposedly be a card game of sorts, and if the leaks are to be believed, it's supposed to be released as a permanent game mode. Rumor has it that it'll be included in the Version 3.1 update, though the game's developer has not confirmed those plans nor has it commented on other details referenced in the leaks.

The leaks in question come from merlin_impact, a Twitter user focused on Genshin Impact leaks and datamines. This user tweeted this week that the 3.1 update will make it so that players will "finally be able to play TCG" before providing more details about the plans for the trading card game.

The user said the card game rumored to be added in the 3.1 update will supposedly be PvE but may incorporate PvP elements as well. It'll feature weekly battles against NPCs through which players are expected to earn battle pass experience.

How this card game will be implemented remains to be seen when it comes to details like how players will acquire cards and what they'll get for their card game bouts. We've still got another update on the way before 3.1 is previewed, however, so we may not know of official details regarding this mode for a while now.

In the next update, Version 3.0, miHoYo will add a couple more playable characters for players to add to their rosters. Tighnari, Collei, and Dori will all be added with the first two of those hailing from the region of Sumeru. They'll incorporate the use of the Dendro element, a new feature planned for this next update. Through previews like the one below as well as other trailers released ahead of this update, miHoYo has shown off some of what these characters' abilities and this new update look like.

For those keeping up with the usual cadence of Genshin Impact updates, it's also worth noting that the next couple of patches will release on different schedules compared to what we're used to seeing. They'll release a bit closer to one another, but the battle pass completion requirements will be adjusted accordingly.

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