Overwatch account merging detailed ahead of cross-progression launch

Overwatch players can now initiate the process of merging multiple accounts in preparation for the launch of Overwatch 2.

Merging accounts will enable players to carry progression and in-game cosmetics into Overwatch 2 on a single profile when the sequel launches in October.

The free-to-play Overwatch 2 will support both cross-play and cross-progression.

As of August 16, every Overwatch player with a linked console account will be prompted at login to confirm the accounts they want to merge.

Blizzard said in an FAQ: “There will be one opportunity to merge console accounts, so make sure you double-check which accounts you are merging before you confirm!

“Once you approve, we will prepare your accounts to be merged during the release of Overwatch 2.

“All players will need a battle.net account to play Overwatch 2, regardless of platform.

“Progress from linked console accounts will be stored on your battle.net account, which will share in-game cosmetics and progress across the linked accounts.”

Blizzard recently detailed Overwatch 2’s new seasonal structure and confirmed that, unlike the original game, the sequel won’t include loot boxes.

It will have seasonal updates every nine weeks and a Battle Pass featuring new content including heroes, game modes, maps and cosmetics.

Players will also be able to acquire items through a new and “consistently updated” in-game shop.

Overwatch 2, which includes a new five-versus-five setup, is coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Switch.

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And so it should be like this with these type of games


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