Deliver Us Mars Delayed To February 2, 2023

The team at KeokeN Interactive have announced that humanity's bold new mission to the Red Planet has been delayed until 2023. Instead of the original launch date of September 27, Deliver Us Mars is now set to arrive next year on February 2.

The developers addressed the matter on Twitter. As the full statement reads, this difficult decision has been made in order to ensure that the team is able to live up to their own ambition and provide the most polished experience to the players upon launch. Hopefully, these extra four months will be enough for the studio to deliver exactly what it strives for.

According to the studio, Deliver Us Mars is its "most ambitious project to date" which offers an interplanetary journey full of deeply emotional moments and fraught with danger. While today's news might cause some frustration and disappointment, the devs hope all the patience will be rewarded in time. Indeed, game delays are not uncommon these days.

The sequel to Deliver Us the Moon, Deliver Us Mars is set ten years later and sends a new female protagonist named Kathy Johanson to, well, Mars. Aside from the new destination and a much grander scale, the upcoming title will also feature new gameplay mechanics such as a climbing system and a charming ball-shaped drone companion to allay your loneliness. The devs earlier teased some "deep connections" between both games, meaning that Deliver Us Mars will probably be somewhat more interesting if you're familiar with the previously Moon-centered game.

KeokeN Interactive additionally announced that Deliver Us Mars will be present at the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022, and will feature a brand-new trailer highlighting all the challenges of Mars and the planet's hostile environments. The trailer is expected to drop August 24.

Deliver Us Mars will be coming on February 2, 2023, across PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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It's a new norm nowadays on delaying new games like this for another year


Dang they all delaying games now. Hogwarts pushed back to February as well

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