Halo Infinite Giving Away Free XP Boosts and More to Certain Players

When 343 Industries released Halo Infinite Season 2, many Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners lost one challenge slot that reduced their potential XP per hour, and fans were quick to voice their frustrations. Now Halo Infinite is giving away free XP boosts and Challenge Swaps to some players as a result of this bug.

343 Industries has resolved the issue many Halo Infinite fans were experiencing with losing their challenge slot for the first Premium battle pass in the move to Season 2: Lone Wolves. Because Halo Infinite players could continue to progress through the Season 1 battle pass beyond the release of Lone Wolves, lots of players missed out on that little extra XP since the live service title entered Season 2. There are plenty of rewards to unlock through the 100 tiers of progression each battle pass offers, and this bug fix will allow Halo Infinite players to receive the appropriate challenge slots and may be eligible for the freebies for missing out until now.

Shortly after the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2, 343 Industries confirmed that they were aware of the battle pass bug impacting the Season 1 premium tiers, but the fix has rolled out with the recent update. Halo Infinite Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners that were playing the game between May 3 and August 9 will receive 20 Challenge Swaps and 10 XP Boost consumables upon logging into the 343 Industries FPS. The two freebies combined should allow players that experienced the challenge slot issue from the launch of Season 2 to catch up to where they should be in battle pass tiers provided they maximize potential XP gains.

The XP Boost consumables fittingly allow Halo Infinite players to earn more experience for things like completing multiplayer challenges and matches, while the Challenge Swaps will let players exchange one challenge for another random one. The more challenges that Halo Infinite players have available, the more experience they will earn while an XP Boost is active and the return of the fourth challenge slot will further increase the potential gains for players that earned far less during the beginning of Season 2. Because 343 Industries has resolved this persistent Season 1 bug, it may be fixed in a way that prevents Season 2 Premium Battle Pass holders from being impacted the same way when the game rolls into Season 3.

Although many players took to the bug fix and reward announcement to express their enthusiasm for the solution and additional XP boosters, others voiced their own grievances with the game, such as the known Halo Infinite desync issues, the missing co-op campaign, minimal ranked playlist choice, and more. One Halo Infinite player noted that with the drop of new XP Boost consumables, they have over 100 to use for now or future seasons, and others lamented how long the bug plagued their multiplayer experience.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Trying their best to get more people to play this garbage


Nice. There takin notes form CoD now ? Lol

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