PS4 Reaches Final Sales Total

Sony's PlayStation 4 console has now reached its final sales total. Since first releasing back in 2013, the PS4 has gone on to become one of the best-selling video game platforms of all time. With the PS5 now being Sony's primary console, though, PS4 sales have naturally started to wane in recent years. Now, as a result, Sony says it will no longer be counting any additional sales of the PS4 moving forward, which means that the console has now reached its lifetime sales total.

As noted by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony has opted to no longer publicly report the sales and shipments of the PS4 console moving forward. Because of this, it means that the lifetime sales of the PS4 now sit at a little more than 117 million as of March 2022. Moving forward, the PS4 will likely still continue to sell a couple hundred thousand more units, but since Sony won't report that data, we'll never know the specific number of consoles that were sold. As such, this 117 million number will end up becoming the lifetime sales total that is attached to the PS4 moving forward.

Overall, the PS4 now stands as the fourth best-selling video game platform ever. It only follows behind Nintendo's Game Boy and Game Boy Color, the original Nintendo DS, and the PlayStation 2. The PS2, in particular, still happens to be the most successful video game console ever and sold over 155 million units in total.

In the near future, the PS4 will likely end up being passed by the Nintendo Switch in lifetime sales. Despite having been around for much less time, the Switch has already sold a staggering 111 million units around the globe. Considering that sales for the console aren't slowing down at all, it seems like only a matter of time until the Switch passes the PS4 and drops the latter platform into fifth all time in sales.

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Really did well on their final sales report

PS4 is definitely a great console


In the long end they did pretty well.


good while it lasted, either way made a killing

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