Sony Motion Controllers Codenamed 'Sphere?'


The new motion controllers that Sony announced over the summer and that they showed off during E3 and Tokyo Game Show might have the codename 'Sphere,' according to a couple of developers at TGS who accidentally let the codename slip in interviews about the peripheral.

Sega's Yasuhito Baba let the name slip in an interview, and, when asked if Gran Turismo would support 'Sphere,' Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi began talking about the motion controller. Seems like at lease a few developers out there are operating under the assumption that 'Sphere' is, in fact, what it will be called.

What do you think of that name? Personally, all it does for me is conjure up the 1998 movie, starring Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone, but I have a penchant for bad science fiction films of the late 20th Century.

[Via g4tv]



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Wow now every one is trying to imitate the Wii


OK I guess. It's not exactly gonna make me stop and turn my head in the streets, but as a name it's multitudes better than "Wii"


sony join the Motion Controller race feel sorry for nintendo but you know they will be one step ahead