MultiVersus Season 1 Release Date Has Been Delayed

In a recent tweet, the official Twitter account of MultiVersus revealed that the release date of Season 1, as well as Morty, has been pushed back for now.

MultiVersus was officially launched as a free-to-play title in the Open-Beta phase later last month. While the game was supposed to receive its first season of new content in August 2022, the developers revealed that they need more time to ensure the quality of post-launch content, which has left them no choice other than to delay the Season 1 content of MultiVersus.

Regarding the fact that the developers had previously mentioned August 2022 as a release window for Season 1, announcing a delay for the new season clearly means that it won’t be available this month anymore.

The developers avoided providing a new release window for the first season of the game for now, but they promised to share more information on Season 1 “very soon.”

With the Season 1 delay, Warner Bros. Interactive also revealed that they will be extending the active period of the current Season Pass by one more week. So, you can now expect the Season Pass to end on August 15 instead of August 8 now. But still, that doesn’t mean the new season is about to begin in the second half of August 2022.

Despite being in the early access phase, MultiVersus already features 18 playable characters from various WB-owned franchises as well as LeBron James as a character from the recent Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. You can check out the full list of MultiVersus characters via this link.

You can either start to play the multiplayer mode and face off against opponents from your region or you can team up with your friends and play the co-op mode where you need to defeat AI enemies. MultiVersus supports both online and local multiplayer options.

It is worth noting that with the delay of Season 1, the release of Rick and Morty pack as a new pair of characters has been delayed to a later date as well. Similar to Season 1, there is no new launch window for these beloved characters in MultiVersus.

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I'm sure they have delayed it by making sure the game plays smoothly
and they can fix any problems before they release it


I need to ask my one good friend for all of us to play.


I would have to have some friends to play with I tried it solo but didn't like it that much

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