Gotham Knights Video Showcases 28 Different Suits

Coverage of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Gotham Knights continues on IGN First, this time with a new video showcasing all 28 suits in the game. Along with suit styles which offer different looks and stats, there’s transmog which is cosmetic-only. There are 11 different suit style sets for a total of 44 suits, though that number doesn’t include transmog.

Two of these, Beyond and KnightWatch, can be acquired by purchasing the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions. Speaking to IGN, creative director Patrick Redding said, “Player expression for us is very important, but we wanted to make sure that we could harness that in a way that allowed for a degree of clarity and unity to the look of all of these different suits and suit styles.”

Game director Geoff Ellenor added, “We wanted the liberty to make suit styles that were different from one another enough that they all had their own really strong personality. And to do that, we wanted to make sure that you always looked cool. You don’t want to end up with a Red Hood that looks sketchy because you made bad fashion choices. Red Hood is supposed to be always cool.”

Artists from Germany, Korea, Japan, US, and France all contributed to the suit styles but WB Games Montreal came up with different philosophies for each. Associate character art director Jianli Wu explains, “For instance, the Beyond one [which you can see on the first slide of the gallery above], the artist, his portfolio was already looking, I would say, 70% close to what we were looking for. So that gives us a sort of like the initial confidence to talk to them, and then to reach out [and ask them to work on the game].”

Suit styles are fixed but have some customizable elements here and there. Players can apply colorways and change the cowl, logo, gauntlets and boots. However, parts from suit styles can’t be mixed and matched. Different suit styles are associated with different activities and factions that are fought.

“So they’re thematically connected to the story as you play, and you keep getting blueprints dropped to you by completing crimes and unlocking different beats of the story,” said Ellenor. Colorways range from black, gray and white colors to different versions of colors seen in the comics. If you want Batgirl’s suit to have Red Hood’s colors, that’s possible.

Gotham Knights is out on October 25th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

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This actually looks pretty amazing.


oh yeah this game is going to be so sickk

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