Xbox's Roundhouse Studios Is Working On An Unannounced Project

Roundhouse Studios is one of the teams working under Bethesda, which is now a part of the Xbox Game Studios, and it seemingly going to work on its own project in addition to helping out Arkane Studios with the development of RedFall.

According to the official LinkedIn page of Brad Fawaz, game designer at Roundhouse Studios, the team is developing an unannounced game. Regarding the fact that Roundhouse Studios was formed in late 2019, their unannounced game has been probably in development for nearly 3 years at most.

Brad Fawaz has also shared the image below to indicate the unannounced project he is working on, but it doesn’t give off any significant information about the upcoming title from Roundhouse Studios.

Roundhouse Studios is a new Bethesda division that was founded back in 2019 by the main developers of Human Head Studios. In fact, soon after launching Rune 2 as its final project, Human Head Studios officially revealed the studio is shutting down its doors. Later on, the main body of developers from Human Head reached out to Bethesda for forming a new studio, which is the current Roundhouse Studios.

From its foundation, Roundhouse Studios haven’t developed any new game on its own, but now it seems they have got the green light from Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios to work on a new project.

When working as Human Head Studios, the team’s biggest titles were Rune 1 and 2. They also worked on The Quiet Man with Square Enix, which turned into one of the worst-rated video games of the last generation of consoles.

However, Roundhouse developers also created the original version of Prey back in 2007 under 2K Games, which was by far the best game of Human Head Studios. The rights of Prey were then sold to Bethesda, and Arkane Studios developed a reboot of the game back in 2017.

Regarding the variety of the games that Human Head Studios used to work on, it is difficult to guess the genre of the game they are currently developing, but there are some big showcases ahead this year, during which we might get our first look at Roundhouse’s new project.

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so, this is going to be the new thing, Unannounced Projects?


Well hopefully it will be a good project.


Xbox has literally 0 good exclusives imo

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