Sony Finally Adds 1440p Output Support For PS5 In Beta System

Out of the blue, Sony just revealed that the 1440p output on PS5 is already a work-in-progress feature, and the beta testing phase is now live for some invited participants in a select number of countries.

The lack of 1440p output support on PS5 has been a real pain for the console owners since its launch back in 2020. Sony never clearly answered the criticism that whether they would be adding the 1440p support in the future or not, but in a surprising announcement today, the official PlayStation account on Twitter revealed that a bunch of new features and improvements will soon be coming to PS5, including the much-needed 1440p output.

Thanks to this new output option, those who have a 1440p monitor will no longer experience the upscaled 1080p resolution. Keep in mind that the game you are playing should support 1440p output too, but even if it’s a lacking feature in the game, you can still play the 4K version on your 1440p TV/monitor and benefit from improved anti-aliasing through supersampling.

Aside from 1440p output, the system software update for Beta users have some other welcoming features as well. The game library will now feature a new section called Gamelists, which will allow you to create multiple lists of your owned games and organize them in the way you feel comfortable. You can have up to 15 Gamelists on your console, and each one is capable of having 100 games.

Another interesting feature is the ability to compare the Stereo and 3D Audio sound types. This way, you will have a better understanding of your choice, especially when you are playing multiplayer or competitive games.

The new update also features a number of improvements in the Social section. The biggest new feature is Share Screen, which allows you to let your friends watch your screen and gameplay live while you are playing the game. There are also some other brief features in the Social section like Party notifications and the ability to send stickers or voice messages in the Game Base cards.

Currently, there is no official release date on when these new features will be available for all players, but the fact that they are in the beta testing phase means you can expect them to arrive very soon!

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Sony should have added this a long time ago


Seriously, about time Sony.

Plaese get more features released :P


nicee. Sony been doing big things

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