Feline adventure Stray offers a trophy for taking an hour-long nap

Upcoming kitty game Stray wants players to act like a cat in exchange for trophies.

As revealed by the achievement tracker website Exophase(opens in new tab) (via Push Square(opens in new tab)), the Annapurna title will have 25 trophies, some of which require you to tap into your inner feline to obtain.

According to the list of trophies, Stray will have not just one, but four cat behavior-related trophies. The most interesting of these is the silver trophy 'A Little Chatty' which players can only unlock after meowing as the ginger protagonist over 100 times. Which is about the same amount of times a real-life cat would meow when you’re taking too long with its dinner.

The next of these cat-related trophies is another silver one called 'Productive Day' which requires players to sleep for more than one hour, which should be easy for a cat.

Further down in the list, we’ve also got the bronze trophy 'No More Lives' which, you guessed it, can only be obtained after players die nine times in the game. The final trophy worth a mention is the silver 'Territory' trophy that requires players to scratch something in every chapter of the game.

In other Stray news, as also pointed out by Push Square(opens in new tab) (via Orbis Patches(opens in new tab)), the developer behind the feline adventure game, BlueTwelve Studio, has recently uploaded a day one patch to Sony’s servers. The patch contains all the usual improvements and fixes, but also a couple of cat-specific additions too. The patch notes include: "A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!" and "some Meows have been totally re-meowed."

Stray is set to release on PS4, PS5, and PC on July 19, 2022. It will also be available to play for free to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscribers. There’s clearly a lot of hype surrounding this game as Stray recently clawed its way up to the top of Steam’s most wishlisted games list, pushing post-apocalyptic MMO The Day Before to second place.

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There are other useless trophies/achievements in other games like this one


What the heck is this lol I guess this is good for achievement hunting


It's pretty good, it's fun trying to get all the achievements


I love goofy trophy's / achievements like that lol

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