Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reportedly Start External Playtesting This Month

Ubisoft might be ramping up development on Beyond Good & Evil 2. According to Exputer, the company is getting ready to start external playtesting on Beyond Good & Evil 2 this month, and that the game is still in active development.

The report also mentions that the external playtesting for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is set to be more extensive than Ubisoft’s standard playtesting for games like The Division Heartland.

Despite little having been revealed about Beyond Good & Evil 2 since its E3 2017 showing, Ubisoft has remained insistent that the game is still under active development. This is despite rumors and reports that the game was still in its pre-production stages.

Ubisoft has remained consistent in stating that development on the game has been going well through the years, and has generally declined to talk too much about the game, stating that it is still too early to talk about it.

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I'm really exited to get ths when it does eventually gets released


after 360 these dont seem as interesting

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