Dragon Ball Insider Leaks New Game

A new Dragon Ball game has potentially been leaked by a well-known Dragon Ball insider. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot remains the latest Dragon Ball game, but it won't be the last. Not only did it sell very well, but Dragon Ball games in general sell very well. In fact, it's one of Bandai Namco's biggest money makers which is why it keeps going back to the Dragon Ball well. Right now, it sounds like the next dip in this well will come in 2024.

Over on Twitter, Dragon Ball Insider Geekdom101 relays word of the next Dragon Ball Xenoverse game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3. The insider doesn't say anything about the unannounced game other than that it's coming in 2024. However, as they point out, things can change, as they often do in game development.

If this rumor comes to fruition, the third game in the series will release eight years after its predecessor, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which hit back in 2016 via developer Dimps. It was notably the sequel to 2015's Dragon Ball Xenoverse, also developed by Dimps. It's likely this pattern will hold and Dimps will once again be on the third game as the developer. However, it's unclear while fans went from waiting two years for a sequel to eight years for a third game. As for Dimps, Bandai Namco, and all other implicated parties, none have commented on any of this.

"Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the best, most thorough ways to experience the story of Dragon Ball Z," reads the opening of our review of the aforementioned Kakarot, the most recent Dragon Ball game. "It encompasses and respects the source material while still being able to both abridge stories where needed and go beyond the scope of the manga and anime to tell untold stories. Its accuracy and faithfulness to doing Dragon Ball Z right are some of its most commendable qualities, but it's difficult to consistently enjoy them when the storytelling and gameplay seem to frequently be at odds with one another.

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Jezz, another one already? Slow down y'all


It's not even been that long since Xenoverse 1 came out...

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