Breath of The Wild Multiplayer Mod Gets First Gameplay Reveal

A popular Twitch streamer by the name of PointCrow recently streamed himself playing Breath of The Wild with three other players. And no, they weren’t taking turns, nor doing separate challenges, they were all playing as their own Links, together, in the same overworld. The power of modding is truly a wonderful thing. The crew could walk alongside each other through Hyrule’s open plains, they could fight enemies together and even damage one another. Though there were noticeable and persistent issues throughout the 6-hour stream, this was the first beta test for what is likely to be a very entertaining mod, which PointCrow plans to release to the public for free.

Breath of The Wild has a strong modding community, and they’ve made a lot of cool projects based on this game’s foundation. PointCrow, who first rose to fame with Breath of The Wild speedrunning challenges, gained further recognition with his streams of absurd and over-the-top mods added to popular Nintendo games. He had teased BOTW multiplayer at the end of a YouTube video a few months ago, with the message that it would be coming to his channel in Summer 2022. Well, with no preamble, he surprised his chat a few days ago and started playing the mod with streamers, Linkus7, Samwitch, and DougDougW.

Now, simply the sight of 4 players playing this game online, all on the same server, was impressive enough by itself. The mod has enemy damage synced up as well, so you can team up with your squad and face off against one of the game’s many world bosses, like a Hinox or a Stone Talos. You can also decide to be a jerk, and knock your friends off a mountain, like in the clip seen below.

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Looks pretty amazing ! Can't wait to see more.


Hope to see more gameplay and features for this game very soon


no clue what this game is but it looks sweet !

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