First Working PS5 Slim Created by YouTuber

Sony has not yet moved forward with new PlayStation 5 consoles be that a PlayStation 5 Slim or a PlayStation 5 Pro, so in the meantime, others have done that for them. One crafty YouTuber named Matt Perks who people may recognize instead as DIY Perks did so by creating the first working PlayStation 5 Slim which greatly reduced the size of the main PlayStation 5 console at the expense of some clever workarounds and a bit of clutter to hide.

The video below from DIY Perks shows how this PlayStation 5 Slim, but as one might've anticipated, it wasn't exactly a quick process nor would it be a convenient one for many console owners. Among other adjustments, two core changes decided on to make this creation possible involved moving the cooling source and the power supply outside of the main console itself.

That naturally freed up tons of space and brought the height of the console when laid down on its side to just under an inch which indeed makes this a slimming success. The catch there is the two-in-one power brick and cooling system which now dangles out from behind the DIY PlayStation 5 Slim. Perks says that this would normally be hidden behind a TV or something like that and wouldn't be seen anyway.

Towards the end of the video, things hit a bit of a snag. The power unit wasn't propped up correctly when trying to run the PlayStation 5 Slim the first time, so even though the console powered on for a bit, the cooling method was blocked after it fell over which resulted in the console overheating. After swapping out the motherboard with one from a different PlayStation 5 to give it another shot, the console worked afterwards and was able to successfully run Horizon Forbidden West.

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Very impressive. Sony, there is your answefor a PS5 Pro or slim


lol im fine with my high tower lmao


sony needs to hire this guy

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