Xbox Remakes Classic Xbox 360 Era Gamer Pictures for New Consoles

Xbox has remade some of the most iconic gamer pictures from the Xbox 360 era. With the arrival of the Xbox 360 in 2005, Xbox Live got a pretty big upgrade. There was more ownership over your account throughout the Xbox 360 era, with the ability to create party chats, make bios, change your gamertag, and much more. One of the most distinguishing factors was the ability to change your profile picture, also known as a "gamer picture". There were a handful of distinct ones created by Xbox for players to choose from and then players could buy additional ones. Many of the ones available al a carte were used to help promote movies, TV shows, and video games, but given how popular the Xbox 360 was, many just held on to the original gamer pics.

Some of these were as generic as a soccer ball, but others had much more flavor to them. Many even associated the pictures with specific types of players, whether it be marks of toxicity or something else, they had a lot of character to them. Xbox has remade a couple of these classic Xbox 360 era gamer pictures, something that may trigger some nostalgia in long-time Xbox fans. Xbox has remade the picture of the boy with a beanie who is blowing a bubble from his mouth and the cute panda bear, except they've given the panda an Xbox controller this time. It's currently unclear if more remakes of these classic pictures are coming, but it seems likely if there's a big response to these, there will be more.

Starting with Xbox One, players were able to add custom gamer pictures by uploading them through the internet. This largely eliminated the need for any images created by Xbox, but some would still rather use images of characters from Xbox games or other unique artwork created by Microsoft. Xbox has even added profile themes to give an additional custom flair for players.

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I found most of them were trash, but I'm sure some console owners will enjoy them


Do any of them look good? Thumbnail looks atrocious


yo no way man that is so dope ngl. may have to get a series x again to keep lol