Stock Issues Push PS5 to Third Place in the U.S.

Ongoing PS5 stock issues have begun hurting the console’s market share in the United States, where NPD Group reports that PS5 has been behind both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S in recent months. While PS5 is the next-gen market leader, it has lost some of its share to Microsoft’s consoles, both of which have better availability in stores online and offline.

Sony expects PS5 stock situation to improve

Despite having to readjust its sales forecast, Sony doesn’t appear to be alarmed by a lack of adequate inventory as the PS5 approaches its second anniversary. The console’s sales are now behind the PS4’s in a comparable time period but Sony believes that PS5 will eventually surpass its predecessor. To that end, the company is reportedly modifying the PS5 to include parts that can be procured relatively easily, and is also making an effort to secure an adequate supply of chips.

As far as video games are concerned, two Sony-developed games round up the top five best-selling games (year to date): Horizon Forbidden West and MLB: The Show 22.

In other news, Naughty Dog has unveiled the new character model for The Last of Us Part 1 remake’s Tess, and it looks like we currently can’t purchase Capcom and Bandai Namco classics outside of PS Plus Premium.

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Stock issues everywhere, been like that in the past year or so ffs


i know someones got about 30 of these bitches in there house trying to see them for 900

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