Dying Light 2 Adding New Story Chapter, Photo Mode, and More

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is receiving a major update soon that will kick off its post-release chapter content along with the addition of a proper Photo Mode for the game. The upcoming update for Dying Light 2 is also coming with a staggering number of bug fixes that should make the game run much smoother across consoles and PC.

Dying Light 2 was released in February this year, the highly anticipated sequel to the parkour-infused zombie survival game Dying Light, which quickly became a genre staple due to its combat and movement system. Dying Light 2 has enjoyed a mostly positive reception, if only because it is more of the same. Unfortunately, the game received criticism for launching with quite a few bugs hampering gameplay. In light of this, the game's developers have been working on frequent meaningful updates that tackle the most glaring issues, and the upcoming update is a solid indication of this effort.

The main highlight of Update 1.4.0 is the addition of Dying Light 2's first new story chapter. In the new chapter, players are tasked with assisting Harper, a former Nightrunner as he seeks to combat new Special Infected that are terrorizing Villedor, also known as The City. To begin the Chapter content, players can find Harper at the FIsh Eye Canteen. Completing missions for Harper raises the player's reputation, unlocking access to new weapons, outfits, and consumables. New currencies can be looted from the Special Infected that are used for purchasing unique rewards from Harper. These new Infected types include the Mutated Infected, Volatile Tyrant, and the Volatile Hive.

Also coming with Dying Light 2's next update is the long-awaited Photo Mode. Photo Mode has been a highly requested feature since the game's launch and is now available for use in single-player. Photo Mode can be initiated in most situations, but unfortunately may not be available during certain complex parkour maneuvers. Aperture, focus distance, zoom, and roll can be manipulated, as well as color adjustments such as temperature, exposure, saturation, contrast, and vignette. A collection of filters can also be applied, along with Special Effects which will allow for action movie-like sequences.

Dying Light 2's 1.4.0 patch is also fixing a serious number of bugs, with the patch notes claiming 1,491 bug fixes beyond what is already listed. Various gameplay bugs have been fixed, particularly quest-breaking ones. Co-op stability has been improved, controller controls on PC have been fixed, and performance on PlayStation consoles has been improved. Much of Dying Light 2's criticism was due to its bugs, so this patch should go a long way toward repairing the game's reputation. Fans can also look forward to additional new chapter content in future updates.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch version is scheduled for release later this year.

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Glad they're adding more things to the game


I just got this game for free (:

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