Nintendo Switch Controller Support Coming to iOS 16

When iOS 16 releases, it seems users will be able to connect natively to Nintendo Switch controllers via Bluetooth. The feature was discovered and shared on Twitter by developer Riley Testut. According to Testut, the feature will work with the Switch Pro Controller as well as the Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons will be compatible as both single controllers, or used together. Following Testut's post on Twitter, user @hooky174 tested the Nintendo Switch's SNES controller, but seemed to have difficulty pairing with Apple devices. It's hard to say how many people will take advantage of this feature, but it's certainly nice to see!

The Tweet from Testut can be found embedded below.

In the Tweet above, Testut says Switch Pro Controllers "work perfectly" with iOS 16. For mobile fans that prefer to use a controller over the touch screen, it's great to see that this option will be available. There are plenty of mobile games that aren't on Switch, and ganers that really enjoy using the Pro Controller or Joy-Cons will soon be able to do just that on their other devices. At this point, iOS 16 is exclusively available to developers like Testut, but a full release is currently expected in the fall. Until then, iOS users will have to settle for other compatible controllers!

The Pro Controller is easily the best option on Nintendo Switch. It's definitely pricier than other Switch controllers on the market, but the overall quality is much higher than anything else out there. While controllers from companies like PowerA have their advantages, the Pro Controller has a much sturdier feel and heft to it. Nintendo has also released some sleek variations on the controller, including an upcoming option based on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Of course, this compatibility with iOS devices just might end up being another selling point for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller!

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Happy days. Glad they're still making improvements, especially controller support


damn that's kinda cool i don't mobile game but I'm sure people are excited


How this is a good find and awesome.

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