PlayStation Plus Free Game for August 2022 Potentially Leaked

It looks like a new game that may be coming to PlayStation Plus in August 2022 could have just been discovered. Within the past week, Sony hasn't only divulged the games that will coming to PS Plus in June, but it also announced another free title that will be landing on the service in July. Now, hot off the heels of this announcement, some fans think they may have discovered another game that could be coming to PlayStation Plus in mid-August.

The game in question that's believed to be landing on PS Plus later this summer is that of Rollerdrome. Announced last week at PlayStation's State of Play event, Rollerdrome is "a singleplayer third person action shooter that seamlessly blends high-octane combat with fluid motion to create an action experience like no other." The game is being published by Private Division and it's set to come to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 16th.

So why do people think that Rollerdrome will be landing on PlayStation Plus when it releases? Well, the game has a rather peculiar release timing when you look at its listing on the PlayStation Store. Rather than becoming available at midnight like most games on PlayStation platforms, Rollerdrome isn't set to unlock until 12:00pm on its launch date. This is notable because this is the same window of time that Sony typically pushes live its new games for PS Plus.

It's also worth noting that Stray, which is the free game that will be coming to PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra in July 2022, also has a release timing around midday on its launch date. As such, this could further add credibility to Rollerdrome coming to the PlayStation subscription platform when it does arrive.

Since Rollerdrome hasn't been confirmed for PlayStation Plus in any capacity just yet, it's important that you take everything that has been outlined here with a major grain of salt. At best, this is all just speculation, which means that Rollerdrome might very well not land on PS Plus, PS Plus Extra, or PS Plus Premium in August. Still, it will be worth keeping an eye on as we move forward.

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Just another low budget game for the PS Plus ffs


Nothing good here just random nobody games

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