Capcom Announces Capcom Showcase for June 13

Capcom has announced its own digital livestreamed event, dubbed the Capcom Showcase. The Capcom Showcase will take place on June 13, 3pm PT. According to Capcom, it will feature news and updates on previously-announced games, and will be roughly 35 minutes long.

The wording in Capcom’s announcement indicates that new titles will likely not be revealed during the Capcom Showcase. It will likely feature updates on Resident Evil 4‘s remake, the Resident Evil 8 VR mode, and potentially more details about Street Fighter 6.

Capcom recently unveiled Resident Evil 4 Remake during Sony’s State of Play event. The trailer gave us glimpses of protagonist Leon S. Kennedy, and other characters, including Ashley Graham, and Ada Wong.

The company also recently unveiled gameplay for Street Fighter 6. The trailer showcases series stalwarts like Ryu and Chun-Li, alongside new fighters. Game modes coming to Street Fighter 6 include the Fighting Ground mode, the World Tour mode, and the Battle Hub.

Capcom is currently gearing up for the launch of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The expansion is set to bring Master Rank to the game, along with new monsters, armour sets, and moves. Sunbreak will be coming to PC and Switch at the same time on June 30.

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I missed it, But I did look it up, didn't miss anything important


I'm gonna mark this on my calendar!

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