Mario Strikers Battle League to Get 10 More Characters After Launch

Mario Strikers Battle League will hit Nintendo Switch as soon as next month, and it seems the game will receive long-term content support from developers to double the number of playable characters.

Mario Strikers Battle League is one of the most anticipated titles on Nintendo Switch for this Summer. Bringing back the Soccer (Football) games to the Mushroom Kingdom, Battle League is supposed to be launched with 10 playable characters.

Previously, Nintendo had revealed that Battle League would receive free post-launch updates adding new characters to the game, but the recent leak from dataminers has revealed how many characters have been planned to be released after launch.

According to a tweet by a Nintendo dataminer, Mario Strikers Battle League appears to have 20 slots for playable characters, but we do know that the game will launch with only 10 characters.

It remains unknown whether all the new characters would be coming out for free or if some of them would remain behind a paywall. But it should assure you that Nintendo has a long-term support plan for Battle League.

Down below, you can check out all the confirmed characters for Battle League:

Donkey Kong

The game will provide you with various game modes that can be played with the launch roster, however, it’s yet to be seen whether Nintendo would add any new game modes after launch.

The upcoming content with Nintendo’s free post-launch updates could also be translated into new gears and customization items as the game allows you to tweak your characters by wearing specific gear.

Mario Strikers Battle League will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 10, 2022.

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This game looks insane, I need to get my hands on it.


The more characters, the more better it will be


i gotta get this game, easily one of the best wii games

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