No Man’s Sky Leviathan adds roguelike mode and space whales

Hello Games has announced its new expedition, No Man’s Sky Leviathan, which turns the space game into a roguelike game and adds, as the name suggests, some giant space whales. The expansion is free and traps travellers inside a time loop with distinct story content dealt out through memory fragments. Players of the survival game can also recruit the titular leviathans as an organic addition to their frigate fleet.

The Leviathan expedition begins today (May 25), and is set to run for approximately six weeks. Players taking on the adventure enter into a time loop with survival mode difficulty settings applied. As expected from the roguelike description, dying will mean a reset of the loop. Players can also explore the mode in co-op by starting a community expedition.

At the end of the adventure, progress is converted to a survival mode save and all of the phase rewards can be redeemed across your save games using the space anomaly’s quicksilver synthesis companion. The rewards on offer include a temporal starship trail, a tiny, chrono-preserved baby leviathan frigate, posters for your space base, and a stylish blue whalestalker cape – as worn by “an ill-fated traveller obsessed with their quest to capture a cosmic leviathan.”

The featured community bases accessible at the teleporter near Iteration Mercury have also been updated, so be sure to check those out to see the most impressive builds the No Man’s Sky community has to offer, like this fan recreation of the Colosseum.

You can watch the Leviathan expedition trailer below:

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Is it a Bird? No!
Is it a Plane? No!
Is it a Whale? Certainly not!


Very cool for the new mode.


imma say it, those don't look like whales at all

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