PlayStation 5 Stocks Look Set To Improve As AMD Readies New 6nm Chip

PlayStation fans who still haven’t got their hands on a PS5 would be elated to know that the stock situation could improve in the coming days.

It’s been almost two years since the PlayStation 5 was launched, and the stock situation just keeps getting worse for the much-coveted console. In fact, a few weeks back the stock availability was the worst since launch, as fans all across the world struggled to get their hands on the console. That, however, seems to be changing the near future.

As highlighted by Zuby Tech, the PlayStation 5 stock situation seems all set to start improving very soon. AMD has started mass production of the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, which is its latest chipset based on the TSMC 6nm FinFET process. This is the same chip that will likely be powering the new variant of the PlayStation 5, which has been amidst rumors for quite a while now.

The most credible evidence regarding a redesigned PlayStation 5 emerged a few days ago when a new “CFI-1200” model PlayStation 5 was registered for design certification in Japan. This is quite different from the “CFI-11XX” naming scheme which we see for the existing models of the PlayStation 5. While it might be a big change on paper and one would expect some significant changes, that’s far from the case.

In all likelihood, the latest chipset will not be altering the technical prowess of the PlayStation 5. The change is mostly based on the components, and it would give Sony added advantage due to the better availability of the latest chipset. Reports had previously stated that Sony would be starting production of these redesigned consoles from the second quarter onwards, and it seems like it is on track for that.

With a new chip and version of the Playstation 5 slated to arrive, the stock situation might improve to a considerable extent.

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was hoping for some great news, now I have it.


hopefully they don't start overheating like the ryzen teslas

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