Xbox Series S outsells PS5 in Japan for the first time

The Xbox Series S has outsold the PS5 in Japan for the very first time.

Reported earlier today on May 19 by Japanese publication Famitsu, and translated via the tweet just below from Limited Run Games' Alex Aniel, the Xbox Series S has outsold the PS5 in Japan for the first time. This is in terms of the last week's sales for both consoles, in which the Xbox Series S sold a total 6,210 units, while the PS5 sold 2,963 units.

This marks the very first time a new-gen Xbox console has outsold the PS5 in Japan. In terms of comparisons, the cumulative sales figures for the PS5 throughout the past week takes into account both the disc-based and all-digital models of Sony's new-gen console, and the Series S outsold both combined, twice over.

This is just the first time an Xbox Series console has outsold the PS5 in Japan, though. If you were to take the wider world into account when comparing the two, the Xbox Series X and S actually outsold the PS5 for the first time ever earlier this year in March. When comparing sales of all three consoles, the Microsoft machines had a big advantage over the PS5 in Europe for that whole month.

It's hard to know just how the new-gen PlayStation and Xbox machines stack up against each other in sales around the world. While Sony announces period sales milestones for the PS5, Microsoft doesn't release figures, so we're left to guess. Last we heard though, the PS5 had sold a total 19.3 million units as of earlier this month, but has lowered sales forecasts for the next year due to supply issues.

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That's because there are no chips atm to create more PS5's ffs


it's gotta be an availability thing, no?

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