Elden Ring DLC May Be in the Works According to Financial Report

Elden Ring is the biggest hit of 2022 so far, and FromSoftware parent company Kadokawa wants to keep the train rolling. Though the game has already seen almost unheard of user retention and growth for a single-player-focused title, Kadokawa is investigating ways to keep customers enjoying it for even longer. What that says to us is that Elden Ring DLC is likely in the works.

Kadokawa recently released its Fiscal Year 2022 financial report, which gave us insight into how the company is reacting to Elden Ring’s massive success. Interestingly, the company’s forecast for the game was extremely modest. Ahead of FY2022, Kadokawa estimated it would make around 1.3-1.8 billion yen in operating profit from its gaming division and revised it in Q2 to be even lower at 900 million yen. The sales target for Elden Ring was 4 million, and so far, it’s ended up selling 13.4 million copies, over 3 times the original estimate. As a result, Kadokawa’s game division made 5.2 billion yen, which is over five times its projected profit.

Obviously, Kadokawa wants to keep the good times rolling, and an FAQ in the report alludes that more content is coming for Elden Ring:

Q11: What is the forecast sales and copies shipped for ELDEN RING for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023?

A: We do not disclose forecasts regarding sales and number of copies shipped for individual titles. We are considering a number of measures to help customers continue to enjoy this title.

It’s not shocking that there may be plans for Elden Ring DLC. After all, previous FromSoftware games have gotten post-launch content. However, this might just be the first official hint that it’s coming. Unfortunately, what is being planned and when it’ll release is still unknown.

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Source: https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2022/05/13/elden-ring-dlc-kadokawa-financial-report/


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Would be great to have a DLC for this amazing game

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