Xbox Series X Getting a Much-Needed Feature Soon

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are getting a much-needed feature soon. When Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and its sister console, the Xbox Series S, in 2020, both consoles were pretty feature complete, and this is thanks to generation of refinement. Microsoft has had a few generations now to figure out what should ship with a console. That said, while there are no glaring omissions, both consoles have plenty of room for quality-of-life features. To this end, Microsoft has teased one quality-of-life feature that's specifically coming soon.

With the new Xbox Update Preview, Alpha Skip-Ahead users have a "new feature" involving party chat. More specifically, a new feature has been enabled that will process microphone input through a noise impression step. What does this mean? It means cleaner audio in party chat. If you've used party chat on Xbox, you'll know it's not the best audio, especially if the other person doesn't have a good mic. How much this new feature will alleviate all of this, remains to be seen, but it's apparently enough of an upgrade that Xbox felt the need to highlight it.

"We've enabled a new feature that will process your microphone input through a noise suppression step to help produce cleaner audio in your Party Chat session," says Microsoft of the feature. "The setting is enabled by default but can be toggled from the dropdown options menu."

This feature is available only to Alpha Skip-Ahead users, which means it's in testing. When it will be rolled out to everyone, we don't know, but it usually takes a couple of months for a feature like this to work its way through limited-user testing to the wider public. That said, and as always, we will keep you updated.

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Definitely this is a very cool feature.


The much-needed feature is always a good update


This is a cool feature, Hopefully it stops my headset making a loud beeping/interference noise, My headset is wireless so that is probably why but if this could help towards it not happening ill be happy.

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