Dying Light owners can now upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for free

All owners of Dying Light can now claim the Enhanced Edition of the game for free.

As announced in a tweet on the official Dying Light Twitter account, players who own the base game can now download extra content that was previously paid DLC.

“Starting today, every player that owns the Standard Edition of Dying Light will be automatically upgraded to the Enhanced Edition,” the tweet read.

To access the upgrade, players have to launch their copy of Dying Light then choose the ‘DLC Packs’ option. This will let them claim five previously paid DLCs for free.

Released in 2016, the Enhanced Edition of Dying Light adds an expansion pack called The Following, as well as the four DLC packs that had been released for the game up to that point.

The full list of DLC that’s now available for free via the game’s menu is as follows:

Dying Light: The Following (including a new story, new map, and vehicle)
The Bozak Horde
Crash Test Skin Pack
Ultimate Survivor Bundle
Cuisine & Cargo

The Enhanced Edition is not to be confused with the next-gen upgrade of Dying Light, which was released in March for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners and is already free.

The next-gen upgrade allows PS5 and Xbox Series X owners to access three graphics modes – Performance (1080p 60fps), Balanced (1440p targeting 60fps) and Quality (4K 30fps).

Xbox Series S owners, meanwhile, can choose between two modes – Performance (1080p 30fps) and Quality (1440p targeting 30fps).

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This is cool for the people who still love and play Dying Light, Dying Light 2 is fun and all of that but its great to get onto DL1 once in a while and do a bridge run at night with all kinds of zombies chasing you lol.

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