Sifu – Upcoming Difficulty Options Previewed in New Trailer

Sloclap will release its first major post-launch update for Sifu on May 3rd, adding new difficulty options, Advanced Training and Outfit Selection (with Deluxe Edition owners receiving an exclusive outfit). It’s since released a new trailer showcasing the new Student and Master difficulties. Check it out below.

Student is the de facto “easy” difficulty. Along with the player having more health and aging slower, enemies are less aggressive and use simpler combos. Disciple is the standard experience where enemies can easily beat you down if you’re not prepared. Master difficulty is “hard mode” – you’re more vulnerable and enemies are a lot more aggressive on top of having intricate combos.

If that weren’t enough, bosses also get new attack patterns, throwing in some interesting wrinkles for previously mastered fights. Stay tuned for more details when the update goes live next week. Even more content will be coming to Sifu later this year, starting with Advanced Scoring and new gameplay modifiers – like no guarding, tougher enemies, no pendant and even a one-hit kill mode.

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That's all we need, more difficulty options ffs

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