Nintendo Switch Sports is Out Now, Launch Trailer Revealed

Nintendo’s latest entry in its sports series is now available with Nintendo Switch Sports. Like the Wii Sports titles of old, players can use the Joy-Con for motion controls and partake in several new and returning sports. Check out the trailer below to see them in action.

Along with Tennis, Bowling and Chambara, there’s Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton with Golf being added in a free-post launch update later this year (Basketball and Dodgeball could also be coming as per recent datamining). Players can customize avatars called Sportsmates but Miis are also supported. Playing online in random matchmaking will net more items for customizing one’s avatar.

Multiplayer supports both local and online matches with the ability to play with friends along with random players. If you’re keen on competing, then there’s a Pro League for each sport so you can test your limits against the very best in the world. Future updates include support for Ring Fit Adventure’s Leg Strap in Soccer matches this Summer (it’s currently limited to Soccer Shootout) so stay tuned.

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Get all those Nintendo sports games out for the players


Can't wait to play this next year when (hopefully) they add the three extra sports into the game.


Used to love playing Wii Sports so this would be fun, The theme tune aswell was golden.

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