The latest Xbox update allows disabling system sounds

Microsoft has released the April 2022 update for Xbox One and Xbox Series families. The update is not the flashiest when it comes to new capabilities, but Xbox owners will welcome two minor accessibility changes.

The April 2022 update is available on the original Xbox One, One S, One X, Series S, and Series X with the OS version 10.0.22000.4158. Here is what is new in the release:

Mute system sounds: Xbox consoles now let users disable the system sounds, such as changing focus or activating different UI elements, notifications, etc. To disable the system sounds, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio and select which sounds you want to mute.

Improved input switching: Pressing the Xbox button on your gamepad now switches input from other sources to Xbox. This feature is optional, which means you need to manually enable it after installing the April 2022 update. Go to Settings > General > TV & Display options > Device Control > HDMI CEC > Switch TV Input using controller.

Microsoft says the latest OS update for Xbox consoles contains several known issues:

Some users experience random controller connection dropouts, and gamepads may not respond upon returning to a Quick Resume game.

The audio mixer may not be adjustable.

HDMI-CEC is not working correctly on some systems.

The dashboard may not display the icon for disc-based games.

The operating system might incorrectly flag some games with a "Trial" tag in the My games and apps section.

The console might display the incorrect resolution on the first start.
Last month, Microsoft introduced the "Pin to Quick Resume" feature, the Share button remapping, a new controller firmware, and a new audio setup wizard.

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Now, why would you? the system sounds are absolutely wonderful to hear

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